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Fundamental research made by our client Boston Consulting Group has shown that the so-called soft skills would be among the most demanded and marketable in the nearest future. We're talking about the ability to learn and help others develop, communication skills, awareness, creativity, emotional intelligence, adaptivity, stress management, etc.

By 2025 the companies that now pay close attention to these particular skills will be on the leading edge worldwide.

So how do we master soft skills? There are many options. In our work we come from the notion, that every person originally has high potential and great talents. All we have to do is to help them realise this potential and use it to the fullest. Soft skills above all!

Let's take a look at children. They have purely altruistic intentions. Their potential is huge! But, as time goes by, they get affected by the environment, where there is no unconditional love — they lose their freedom and acquire inner restrictions.
These limits are the reason a person can't live to their full potential.

Children adapt to the environment to gain love — a vital resource. To do that they have to live to someone else's expectations, not to their own nature. They learn to do everything not to themselves, but to other people, and their true nature suffers on the way.

The world is not perfect. We all went through this process. We all got our very own set of self-restraints. Our many talents stay covered, and our potential is sealed.

For our complete development and releasing our talents emotional security is essential. If a person had been raised with unconditional love and hadn't had to prove themselves, then they would have had a chance in perfect self-realisation and discovering "ikigai" on their own.
Ikigai is a japanese concept. It's a feeling of one's life's purpose, that brings fulfillment and joy. A person who achieved ikigai is confident, satisfied and effective.

But what do we do, if the environment we were raised in, wasn't always emotionally safe and stimulating? What if we feel our inner restraints keeping us from living the dream. How do we achieve ikigai then?

It's essential to get back to accepting yourself as is. But it's not easy to do. And that's when coaching comes in. It helps to return to one's original nature, before it was distorted.

We wouldn't need coaching, if the conditions we grew up in were perfect.
But we were formed in a world that is defined by judgement, competition and fears connected to them.

Coaching helps to come back to one's original nature, get rid of inner barriers and uncover the energy that lies behind them. As a result, we can find our ikigai and live the life we always wanted.

Our mission is to help people and companies they work for to find their very own ikigai.

Happiness and inspiration found through ikigai fulfill the company's needs and uncover the true purpose. And companies like these are the ones that will be prosperous and successful by 2025.
Do It Evolution
Do it evolution has been successful on the Russian market for more than 10 years offering coaching services to human oriented companies.
Valerie Bremond
CEO at Do It Evolution

A professional coach for executives with experience of more than 10 years.

20 years of experience as a founder and CEO of international companies in France and Russia.

Guidance and support for an individual or a team in achieving greater results and more effective use of their abilities.

I don't consult or give advice, I create a safe space for people to find their own solutions and discover their full potential. That is the reason why my sessions are very practical and demand a high level of involvement from all the participants.

My skill of active listening without giving any judgements helps people to relax and be open to their inner guidance system. They find effective solutions and reach higher results without stress and anxiety.

As we are own architects of our deadlock situations! (D. Kennedy)

Michael Kazarin
Partner at Do It Evolution

A professional coach for executives with experience of more than 10 years.

Have an experience in head positions in HR, as a founder and CEO. A military pilot by first profession.

Guidance and support for an individual or a team in achieving greater results and more effective use of their abilities. I also organise coaching trainings for people in leadership positions.

I help the decision makers to:
- define precise goals
- find best ways to achieve them
- remove inner restraints and barriers
- reveal and release inner potential
- get emotional balance
- achieve a state of a balanced life
- manage stress

I accept everyone as is. I'm confident that you can achieve greater heights.
I believe that you've got all the solutions, and they are the best that can be.

"Coach is a catalyst, that don't participate in the chemical process but is essential to it".
Individual coaching
- Defining goals and finding best possible ways to achieve them
- Removing inner restraints and barriers
- Raising communication quality
- Emotional competence
Team coaching
- Defining team's goals
- Optimising interaction
- Raising team's communication quality
- Personal and group motivation
- Effective feedback techniques
- Effective feedback models
- Better understanding of oneself and others
- Emotional intelligence
- Nonviolent communication (NVC)
Why You?
Because you might think, it is relevant :
To discover your potential and talents
There is a champion inside every human being! We can help you to reveal and realise your fullest potential.

You will find your ikigai!
To handle your fears and inner restraints
You will be able to eliminate the barriers, that have been preventing you from being truly happy and inspired about your life.

You will discover new possibilities!

To respond
to challenges
You will learn a healthy way to cope with challenges: inner and outer conflicts, changes, new goals, new conditions.

You will address them successfully!
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